Why “Jealous” by Nick Jonas is Such an Awful Song


Pop music is my (not so) guilty pleasure. That being said, I’m completely aware that the pop being produced today is terrible music. The lyrics are unimaginative and shallow; the melodies and chord progressions are formulaic and unoriginal; and the vocalists themselves almost universally lack talent. However, I’m capable of overlooking these glaring faults because the music just makes me want to dance and have fun.

But “Jealous” by Nick Jonas is just not a song for which I can overlook the numerous faults. There’s a simple reason for this: “Jealous” is a misnomer. The feeling Jonas describes throughout the song is not jealousy at all, it’s the feeling of being threatened, it’s fear.

Jealousy is an emotion one feels when they want something they can’t have. Jonas already has the girl, but he claims to be jealous because other guys are looking at his girl. So, in essence, he’s jealous of an imaginary relationship. I suppose some people would argue that you can be jealous of a fantasy, but I disagree. The people in Jonas’ song that are jealous are the boys looking at his girl wishing she was theirs. Jonas, in fact, is the only person in the song who isn’t jealous. He should re-title the song “Threatened,” because that’s what he’s feeling. He’s protective and insecure, not jealous.

Plenty of other pop songs come out every year that have this simple fault as well. Another example would be “Classic” by MKTO; is the girl classic or is she timeless? Those two words mean incredibly different things, though many fail to recognize it.

So, although I can overlook the majority of flaws inherent to pop music, I simply cannot stand to listen to songs that misuse the English language. If you’re too incompetent to write good lyrics, at least make sure you know the meaning of the ones you do write.


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