Diary of a Nanny | Summertime Paradise

Nannying is hard work. You work long days, weird hours, and too much is expected of you for what you get paid. But at the same time, no job is better than being a nanny. That’s especially true in the summer.
You get to finger paint, roll down hills, build sandcastles, canvass the sidewalks in chalk, do flips on monkey bars, build fairy houses and any other childhood activity you can imagine. It’s pretty much a dream job.

It’s also the best job you can have as a college student if you want to become a teacher. You get real world practice implementing your educational philosophy, organizing activities, and formulating development plans for each child.

But it’s not all fun and games. It’s exhausting. I have to say that when I get home at night I’m typically more tired and frustrated than I am happy. It takes a specific kind of person to be a nanny. It’s not something just anyone can do (although every girl in her 20’s believes SHE can do it).

Overall, I’m obviously very happy with my job right now. I get to play and laugh and make far more than minimum wage. Plus, I get to hone my skills while I do it. It’s a tough but rewarding job in every way. I wouldn’t give it up for a retail or waitress job in a lifetime.


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