Food for Thought – The Coolest New Environmental Technology

Have you ever wondered why there is an Earth Day? It seems a bit silly to me as everyday is Earth Day; we should always be aware of how our actions impact the Earth. Every major “news” outlet has had a story today asking viewers and readers “What are you going to do today to help the Earth?” What about tomorrow? Or next week? Next year? Is using a reusable grocery store bag really enough to make a difference? Have you ever thought about trying something that would significantly alter your current lifestyle? This day, in my mind, is a day that underscores the hypocrisy and ignorance of the world in regards to the environment.

But enough of that cynicism; what are some of the coolest things that people are doing around the world to help the environment long-term? Here are just a handful:

Futuristic Abu Dhabi Park to be built in the desert shade

Affordable Solar Paint

Turning Algae (or just about anything) into crude oil

Glowing trees replacing streetlights – Even though I don’t approve of genetic manipulation in most cases across most disciplines, there are some examples (like this) that might just be a solution that doesn’t mess up the entire ecosystem. However, “playing God” means that we will never be able to fully understand the ramifications of genetic modification when we do it.

Fertilizing the ocean with Iron – This is super cool. Absolutely brilliant.

I hope this stimulates you on this Earth Day 2014 and gets you thinking about the vast number of ramifications that each action you take has on the world we live in.



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