Easter Weekend

Easter weekend is upon us. Chocolate bunnies, eggs, coins, and all are flying from store shells as I write. Tomorrow morning the sun will rise, we will head to church, and subsequently eat a big ol’ ham with a side of mashed potatoes. Now, although I sometimes find the traditions of Christian holidays to be absurd, Easter happens to be my favorite holiday. While it is technically the celebration of Christ rising from the dead, it is also the celebration of Spring. (Spring just also happens to be the celebration of life renewed). And as anyone who follows my blog knows, I absolutely love Spring. It is my favorite season, which is why Easter is my favorite holiday. The sun is out, the grass is growing, the flowers and budding, and everyone is happy to see the snow gone. Plus, you get an excuse to wear a ridiculously colorful dress that truly is only appropriate on Easter. The energy on Easter is vibrant and bright; there’s just simply no reason to be in a bad mood.

So, what did I do for Easter Weekend 2014? I did exactly this:

I spent Good Friday celebrating my salvation with a giant Nor’easter Ice Cream at Red’s with Abby. Surprisingly, Slugger also decided to make an appearance.



And we can’t forget about baby John either — although he didn’t enjoy the delights of Red’s ice cream just yet.


IMG_2758And of course, hours were spent singing the karaoke version of For the First Time in Forever from Disney’s Frozen.

Holy Saturday was spent sunbathing on the deck, babysitting, eating delicious food at David’s 388, and seeing Young Frankenstein at Lyric Music Theater. I even heard the Ice Cream Truck for the first time this season.





Classic photo of food apparently necessary for any blog…

And finally, Easter Sunday itself was spent merrily. From watching the sunrise, to church, to egg hunts, to ham, and to naps, I couldn’t have pictured a better day for celebration.







At this year’s closure of my favorite holiday, I would say it was the best Easter yet. It truly was a grand celebration of Spring. Can’t wait to see what next year has in store!


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