Homelessness in Portland, Maine | A Documentary

For my senior project in high school I created a 22-minute documentary on homelessness in Portland, Maine. I filmed everything entirely on a Nikon D5100. To get the material I needed, I simply walked around the streets of Portland looking for panhandlers. When I met one, I would ask them if they were willing to answer a few questions about homelessness on camera. While most people I asked were not comfortable being recorded, they were all very willing to talk to me about their experiences. Ultimately, out of the 16 people I talked to during the ten days of filming, only 6 allowed me to film them.

Among the questions I ask are: How did you become homeless? Do you have any dreams or aspirations? What is your view on how the government handles homelessness and poverty? How do you feel about the legalization of marijuana? What is like to stay in Portland’s homeless shelters?

I filmed all of these interviews between May 6-15, 2013. The link to watch the documentary, which has been broken up into two parts, is below:

Homelessness in Portland: A Documentary | Part 1 of 2


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